Vintage Ornaments including Tile and Stained Glass Patterns

oliopix0132thumb2This is a sheet of 35 one-inch circles depicting seven unique patterned designs based on vintage ornamentation, as often found on painted tiles and stained glass. Each design is available in five colours: a muted orange, a deep red, a muted mid-green, a burnt orange, and a grey monochrome.

Many of the designs have a non-exact symmetry – that is, the pattern repeats symmetrically but slight differences in how the patterns were originally painted means there are slight variations in each of the sections. This makes them unique pieces.

Patterning includes slightly abstract leaves, embellishments, creatures, and petals. The sixth row of designs in the collection has some interesting texturing, with the other six designs being quite “flat” (uniform) in colour.

We really like these kinds of patterns, and think they could be used in a range of versatile ways, including in scrapbooking, card making, pendant and jewellery making.

Your can purchase a high quality 300dpi JPG file directly from Etsy.

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