Freebie Friday: Vintage Butterflies on Ceramic Tiles & Writing

Freebie Friday is back!

Today I’m offering one collage sheet from our trio of Vintage Butterflies on Ceramic Tiles & Writing 2-inch Circles Grunge/Cloud listing.

This sheet of a dozen two-inch circles were fantastic to create, combining beautiful vintage butterfly illustrations with ceramic patterns, vintage/medieval handwriting, and a healthy dose of grunge and cloud.

The butterflies come from vintage nature publications. The ceramic tile patterns are combined from a French ceramic pattern book. The medieval writing is from several old manuscripts we’ve scanned in.

After that, the whole thing was digitally manipulated to bring out lots of colouring, grunge and cloudy effects.

The butterflies’ wings take on the colours of what they are sitting on, making them seem translucent.

There are some rich colours in this sheet including reds, oranges, yellows, purples, blues, plus sepia, black and white.

These items would make fantastic jewellery pieces, or alternatively use them in scrapbooking, card making, or any of your other creative craft projects.

To download the image, just right-click or tap-hold the thumbnail image above (depending on whether you’re using a mouse or a touchscreen) and then choose the ‘save link’ option. Then simply print on your choice of paper. It will print out on both US letter and A4 paper. (Be sure you are saving the linked file and not the thumbnail, otherwise the print quality will be poor. The downloadable file is called ‘oliopix0251.jpg’ not ‘oliopix0251-thumb.jpg’.

We’d really love to see what you make with them, so why not take a photo of your creation and leave a comment below, or post it on our Facebook page.