Freebie Friday: “Uncials” Vintage Black & White Lettering

Free Letters
Feels like we’ve been on catchup all week, but still wanted to give you lovely readers something free you can use. It’s not a huge bundle but hopefully you can make use of it in some of your creative projects.

Taken from a vintage publication called “100 Alphabets”, this is a hand-drawn letter font called “Uncials”.

We’ve cleaned it up a bit (but left some of its aged imperfections in place) and provided both a black on white and white on black version of the upper case letters.

Sadly, the font wasn’t published with any other characters — so there’s no lower case, numerals or symbols — but there are still plenty of ways to use it.

We used a version of it on our latest Valentine’s Day Vintage Love Heart Poster.

The font has quite a jagged, distressed look to it anyway, and if you’re a whizz with Photoshop or other image-editing software, you can add plenty more effects to it, as you want.

To download the US Letter-sized sheet containing both versions of the letters, just click on the thumbnail below.

Oliopix Freebie Friday 22nd Jan 2016

Please note that this is not a system font. You can’t install it on your computer or type using it. This is very much “letterpress” style – either print out, cut and stick on your craft products, or use software to cut, move and duplicate the letters as you need to (we recommend using software like Photoshop which has layers).

We’d really love to see what you make with them, so why not take a photo of your creation and leave a comment below, or post it on our Facebook page.

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