Quote of the Week: Time

"Time is what we want most but what we use worst." - William Penn

“Time is what we want most but what we use worst.” – William Penn

Ahh, time. That precious commodity which seems to slip as elusively as fine sand through the fingers.

As I began to write this, I realised the my work time had almost gone for the afternoon and it was time to pick up our daughters from school. When they got home (soaked to the skin thanks to our wonderful Welsh winter weather) I spent time with them reading, and then phoned my parents and let everyone talk to each other. Then tea, bedtime fun, and finally here I am again finishing this off so I can tick it off on my to-do list.

But really, life is more important than a simple to-do list. Yes, I am trying to be more proactive and intentional about everything I do this year, but hopefully not at the expense of everything that’s important to me.

Our business can do better this year, but so can familial relationships, building in leisure and rest time, and being a relevant part of local and wider community.

All those things take time. Yet the biggest time drains can be things we should have a lot of control over: wasting time on too many frivolous things which don’t do anything to move us forward or improve our lives; procrastinating over things which we should simply get on and do (or delegate, or simply trash); slogging down the perfectionist road and never finishing anything (or taking five times as long to get there); and all those other niggly habits and baggage which doesn’t help anyone (least of all us).

On many days I think there’s not enough time. Maybe I’ve been too ambitious in what I thought I’d get done. Or perhaps I simply wasted oodles of the stuff without realising.

Working towards a more balanced life can be radically helped by understanding and then managing what time we have, and what needs to be fitted into it.