Christmas/Winter Snowflakes & Stars Background Papers, Eight 6×6-inch designs

This is a collection of eight Christmas/Winter-themed 6×6-inch background papers featuring a variety of snowflakes and stars. There are eight designs: 1. White crystallised snowflakes in repeating grid pattern on a blue and light purple tinged background. 2. Many repeating snowflakes of various sizes and textures in yellows, purples, blues […]

Christmas Gift Tags with Vintage Designs and Patterns, 12 3×1.75-inch rectangular tags with taper, Digital Collage Sheet

This is a collection of twelve Christmas-themed gift tags each measuring 3 x 1.75-inches, with diagonal tapering at one narrow end, and slightly rounded corners. They are based on our 6×6-inch background papers which feature a variety of festive images in subtle, muted colors, plus additional variations of Christmas backgrounds […]