Spring Flowers and Gingham Vintage Backgrounds, 8 x 7.5-inch square images

oliopix0130thumb2This is a collection of eight Spring themed background papers featuring a variety of bright, fresh floral and gingham designs.

Each background image measure 7.5 x 7.5 inches, so is great for large projects or can be cut down for smaller craft uses (i.e. 6×6 or 4×4)

There are eight designs:

1. Stylised vintage flower arrangement in beautiful muted reds, oranges, greens and grays, set in one corner, on a light pink background.

2. Gingham pattern in deep (almost orangey) yellow.

3. Gingham pattern in olive green.

4. Gingham pattern in grays with hints of blue.

5. Miniature vintage peach and yellow flower motifs in repeating pattern on light peach background

6. Gingham pattern in pink.

7. Striped paper featuring light pink and yellowy-orange strips and repeating flower designs. Could be used for a washi effect.

8. Stylised orange/yellow flowers on tall green stems, with green leaves, on a yellow textured background.

Available to purchase as high quality 300dpi JPG files from Etsy.

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