Product Showcase: Springtime

Today I’m going to feature six products which evoke the spirit of Springtime. Writing this in mid-January, Spring is not yet a reality. Yet we can dream of the first signs of new life, of green shoots, then flowers, then insects, as winter gives up its grip and water, sunnier days return.

Vintage Flowers & Seasons Poetry ATCs

Season ATCs

The first product I’m featuring in fact covers all four seasons. The 16 ATCs feature artwork and poetry from vintage books, depicting some of the flowers of each season.

The “Spring” ATC includes this poem:

Come gentle Spring, etherial mildness come
And from the bosom of your dripping cloud,
While music wakes around veil’d in a flower
Of shadowing roses, on our plains descend.

These ATCs make great collectors pieces, or they can be used in all types of crafts including card making and scrapbooking.

Spring Flowers Red Background 1-inch circles & squares

Spring flowers

These beautiful hand painted spring flowers on a vibrant red background would make stunning jewellery pieces or as embellishments in card making and scrapbooking. They are created from original artwork by Julie Merrett and are available as both 1-inch circles and 1-inch squares.

They feature a series of spring flowers drawn in a traditional style. Looking at the dandelion image you will see the seed beads and wire which were sewn into the original canvas.

Medieval Daffodils

Vintage daffodils

Two sets of medieval daffodils, featuring black line drawings of daffodil flowers set on musical notation, in sepia colouring. These are available as 20mm circles and 1 inch circles.

They are layered over a variety of textured background in muted colours with music, browns and graduated finishes. They have been given dimension so that they have depth in your creative project.

They make great jewellery pieces, embellishments in scrapbooking and card making, and many other creative uses.

Vintage Spring Flowers & Gingham

Eight Spring-themed background papers featuring a variety of bright, fresh floral and gingham designs:

  1. Stylised vintage flower arrangement in beautiful muted reds, oranges, greens and grays, set in one corner, on a light pink background.
  2. Gingham pattern in deep (almost orangey) yellow.
  3. Gingham pattern in olive green.
  4. Gingham pattern in grays with hints of blue.
  5. Miniature vintage peach and yellow flower motifs in repeating pattern on light peach background
  6. Gingham pattern in pink.
  7. Striped paper featuring light pink and yellowy-orange strips and repeating flower designs. Could be used for a washi effect.
  8. Stylised orange/yellow flowers on tall green stems, with green leaves, on a yellow textured background.

Take a look at our Spring collage sheets for more details and to buy.