From the Studio: 25th January 2016

Where is Spring?

East-coast USA is bombarded with snow, and here in Britain we get… rain. Lots of rain. Floods and gales.

I know it’s not even February yet so it’s a bit much to ask, but where is spring? The warmer winter means there are signs of spring all around (daffodils, for one, and blossom starting to appear on trees) yet the weather is far from springlike.

Not to worry. We’re consoling ourselves with bright spring creations and finishing touches to…

Valentine's Love Heart Poster

Valentine’s Love Heart Poster

Valentine’s Day

February 14th can fill you with joy or dread (or simply a noncommittal grunt). We haven’t gone overboard on our Valentine offerings, but you an still pick up something for your loved one in our stores.

If you’d like to print out some of our vintage-inspired heart artwork at home, you can find our Valentine’s Day Vintage Love Heart Poster Download ready and waiting.

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day Card

Check out our Valentine’s Day hearts product showcase or pick up some free hearts and banners for your own romantic creations.

The love heart design above is also available on a whole host of products, thanks to our partnership with RedBubble. Why not grab a Valentine’s heart greetings card or something else? There’s still time to have it delivered to you.


The moving saga continues and it’s very frustrating. Now looks like it’s going to be into the middle of February before we can consider moving out. Oh well – trying not to think about it too much.

Free Stuff

We all like free things, right? Take a look at our growing collection of freebie Friday downloads. So far we have lovely lettering, hearts and flowers, and ornate background papers, with more coming every Friday.

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