From the Studio: 18th January 2016

Unexpected Extra Time

Thanks to a bit of a mess-up this morning, I’ve had to miss my usual Monday morning appointment. I’m doing some writing while my frustration (yes, it was anger to begin with) dissipates. I hope it doesn’t come across in this post — I’m not ready to be fully creative just yet.

butterflySo once I’ve had some more coffee, I’ll be doing some extra work on the next product, which will be vintage blue butterflies.

I haven’t quite worked out what sort of package this will be yet, although it is likely to be little bigger than the usual. There will definitely be well over 50 butterflies in there, all with beautiful blue colouring. I hope to have it launched tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at the latest.


Diary Work BookAs seems to be the way every January, I’ve started my to-do list and planning system in earnest again. This time I’m far more organised and have a lovely purple soft-covered notebook to write my daily lists in. (Incidentally, who says guys don’t like purple?)

It’s going pretty well so far, although I am still learning that what I think I can achieve in a day is usually greater than what I actually achieve. This means the to-do lists are getting shorter now, but still with plenty of important things on them.

My mind suddenly flashed to the thought of a vacuum cleaner! I am not convinced about having a desire for housework when extra time becomes available.


Things still going very slowly when it comes to moving house, but hopefully we’re about a week away from getting all the legal stuff sorted out. But who knows?! So frustrating that I can see the corner of our new house from my current office! I can even see the back wall of the attic room which will be my new creative space! Does anyone LIKE moving house? I love being in a new place and putting a personal stamp on it, just not the process of getting there.

Big Project 1

roseIn the last studio post I mentioned the “big products” we’ll be launching every 3 months.

I’ve decided our first one will be “summer roses”. More details than that? Wednesday afternoon is big project planning time, so I’ll know more by then, but you can be sure it will include a number of high quality vintage rose images, along with some lovely embellishments and other features. Watch this space, and our Facebook page, for details as they emerge. Let’s get summer started early, eh?

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