From the Studio: 11th January 2016

Happy New Year!

Cupid2016 got off to a rather slow start at Oliopix Towers thanks to school holidays, plus some techie work last week that meant full creative power on new projects got delayed.

However, we’re back and ready to make 2016 our best year yet. Winter is in full force here (despite a lack of snow – it’s just rain instead) but we’re looking forward to the warmer and lighter days of Spring, and the abundance of flowers, birds and other wildlife it brings.

Of course, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner too. We have a big collection of hearts and other decorations perfect for creating cards, scrapbook entries, decorations and other crafts.

Behind the Scenes…

With the intention to make this ‘from the studio’ post a weekly event, we’d like to begin showing you more behind-the-scenes things – projects in progress and such like. We’ll try to do that next week.

I had hoped to be able to show you a photograph of our new design space, but alas the moving date has been delayed for a number of reasons. Hopefully we’ll be on the move later this month, so watch this space.

Coming Up…

ButterfliesFor at least the first part of 2016, we have decided to focus more on just a few design areas, rather than trying to push out a whole raft of new products across many different styles.

Based on what’s already proving popular, and what we enjoy the most right now, we’ll be working on lettering, maps, butterflies, and textures.

That doesn’t mean we won’t do anything else, and we’re still very much open for commissions/custom orders, but do expect to see more of these popular items arriving in our store in the next few months.

The Big Products

We also plan to launch four bigger products throughout the course of the year – one per quarter. Watch this space for details of the first one as soon as we’re sure what we’ll be doing.

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That’s it for this week’s studio post. Thanks for reading, browsing and buying from us.