Christmas Gift Tags with Vintage Designs and Patterns, 12 3×1.75-inch rectangular tags with taper, Digital Collage Sheet

oliopix0150thumb2This is a collection of twelve Christmas-themed gift tags each measuring 3 x 1.75-inches, with diagonal tapering at one narrow end, and slightly rounded corners. They are based on our 6×6-inch background papers which feature a variety of festive images in subtle, muted colors, plus additional variations of Christmas backgrounds from some of our other sets:

The twelve designs are:

  1. Subtle colored Christmas tree repeating pattern on vintage green background with words.
  2. Stylised Santa and reindeer in front of moon, red and black, on repeating stars background.
  3. Holly bush and berries in monochrome.
  4. Vintage picture of boy and girl standing by Christmas tree.
  5. Vintage sepia picture of Christmas tree on snowflake background.
  6. Miniature Santa Claus carrying Christmas tree repeating pattern various colors.
  7. Blue-tone repeating Christmas tree pattern and “Merry Christmas” repeating words.
  8. Monochrome sepia holly bushes.
  9. Light blue repeating snowflake pattern on white, blue border.
  10. Red and black textured stripes and a strip of red repeating snowflakes.
  11. Repeating red stars on blue stripes.
  12. Textured blue background with one large cropped corner white snowflake and repeating border snowflakes.

Each tag has “To/From” box with space to add names.

This beautiful collection of prints can be used as gift tags and also in a variety of festive arts and crafts including card making, labels, decorations, as well as scrapbooking and making jewellery.

Available as a high quality 300dpi JPG file to purchase directly from Etsy.

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